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Travel Essentials – The Guide

Travel Essentials – The Guide

Wherever you travel, there are a number of Travel Essentials that you should take with you or do before you go. Some are obvious, but some are not so – here’s a list:

    • Passport/Photo ID and Driver’s Licence
    • Tickets/boarding passes/travel vouchers
    • Travel agents contact details
    • Address and or contact details for your destination
    • Photocopy/scan of your passport
    • Local currency for your destination
    • Credit and debit cards. Tell your bank/credit card company where you are going and when – they make a note on your account and are less likely to refuse a payment. Make sure you have their contact details too, including the number to call from abroad.   A record of their numbers in case you lose them and have to report them lost/stolen
    • If you’re taking your mobile phone, you need to do a number of things
      1. Ensure you can make calls/use your phone at your destination. Don’t assume your phone will work – phone companies don’t automatically allow you to make international calls
      2. Turn your data roaming off so that you don’t get stung for outrageous data charges. Companies like EE have fixed data packages that help you manage how much you are spending
      3. Set up your voicemail with a code as you can’t do this after you leave the UK, so will have no access to voicemails
      4. Use wi-fi where you can and use apps like FaceTime, What’s App, Viber, but make sure your data roaming is switched off, as this will kick in if the wi-fi signal isn’t strong. Starbucks in New York offers free Wi-Fi, so worth checking local hotspots out
      5. Your charger
    • Plug adaptors or a solar charger – these are often available on the plane if you forgetTravel Essentials - The Guide
    • Your camera, batteries and charger, with enough storage space either via storage cards, dongles, the cloud or your laptop
    • First Aid Kit – depending on where you are going, this may just be a few plasters and some painkillers or a full vaccination kit and dental kit, if it’s a more adventurous and remote location
    • Your medication – don’t pack it in the hold if you need to take it regularly.
    • Vaccinations and malaria or other prophylactics – check with your doctor or MASTA to see what you need.  Do this in plenty of time, as you sometime need a course of injections.
    • Make sure you take your anti mozzie lotions – Deet is the most effective – and insect bite soothing creams
    • If you’re going to be away for a while, it’s a good idea to get a dental check up – toothache is the worst!
    • A mini Swiss Army penknife which includes scissors, a knife, a nail file, tweezers, a screwdriver and a toothpick is so useful
    • A small torch – like a Maglight. You never know when there’s going to be a power cut or you need to walk down an unlit path. Or even just to read the menu in a dark restaurant!   Although now, most phones have a torch, but you may want to save your battery for those important calls
    • A hat – to shade you from the sun or keep you warm
    • Some sort of scarf or shawl. Great to keep you warm, or as a cover-up if the sun gets too much. Or use it to cover your face if there’s a lot of dust about, or to dry yourself in the absence of a towel.
    • Your glasses or contacts and your prescription, just in case. Sunglasses.
    • A sewing kit – you never know when a key button is going to fly off or your bag needs a running repair.  It doesn’t have to be beautiful, it just has to work.

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