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Simon King Wildlife

Simon King Wildlife

Simon King is a television presenter, author and wildlife enthusiast specialising in nature documentaries.  Travelling around the world on incredible projects his knowledge of the natural world is unparalleled.  Take a look at his You Tube channel to catch up on live web cams and exiting snippets of a large variety of animal’s habitats.  To find out more about Simon King go to his website.

We have become fascinated with Simon King’s wildlife webcams and check in daily to see how the Canada Goose incubating her eggs is fairing or to observe the busy life of the Blue Tits.

The latest news from Simon King is that he has just formed a charity – The Simon King Wildlife Project. The goal is to “turn the tide against the loss of natural habitats and begin a movement to reclaim more land for the natural world.”

This came out of the huge success from the Wild Meadows project where Simon installed cameras around his home patch to record the secret lives of animals.  This is an on-going project and has hooked thousands of people encouraging the preservation our local areas.  After watching the life webcams one can’t help to develop a new appreciation and affection for our resourceful native animals.

To continue and maintain the online project, he needs your support.  Visit The Simon King Wildlife Project website for more information, to donate and to watch the webcams.

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The Simon King Wildlife Project

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