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Sao Tome And Principe Islands

Sao Tome and Principe Islands

Just east of Gabon off Africa’s Atlantic coast and on the equator line, you will find the beautiful islands of, Sao Tome and Principe. These islands are steeped in character and history, as well having natural beauty with emerald water and idyllic white sandy beaches, set with a backdrop of primary rainforest. A perfect honeymoon destination or a romantic getaway for those wanting a restoring holiday in luxurious paradise.


The islands were colonised in the 16th century by the Portuguese and gained independence in 1975. Today, there are approximately. 200,000 inhabitants, and at 964km2, is the second smallest African country (Seychelles being the smallest).

Soa Tome and Principe are also known as the Chocolate Islands as they were the biggest producer of cocoa during the 19th century, and today, visitors can learn how to make chocolate and take a tour of the cocoa (as well as coffee) plantations that are still in production. you are feeling more switched on, you will be interested to know Principe Island is where Einstein proved his theory of Relativity in 1919.


With diverse and nature and ecosystems

The islands are made up of wild nature, plantations and beaches. Obo National Park takes around a third of the entire land of Sao Tome. Here you will find endemic species of tree, flora and fauna as well as the beautiful botanical garden that showcase native spices, medical and herbal plants.

Both of the north parts of the islands are characterised by grassland and you can find impressive cacti and baobab trees. In the south, volcanos and mountains are covered in tropical rainforests.


Activities are plenty and varied. With an experienced guide, walk, bike or hike through rainforests, valleys and volcanic mountains spotting some of the 141 bird species as well as plenty of monkeys and lizards. Pass by stunning waterfalls, lakes, ancient villages, outposts and railways. A fabulaous acvitivies is to get out in the boat and go whale and dolphin watching. Watersports such as snorkeling, diving, turtle watching.

How To Get There and When To Go

The temperature of the islands are pretty stable and stay within 23 – 30 degrees throughout the year. Just avoid the rainy months – April and November.

Getting there is easy – just a six-hour flight from Lisbon (five times a week) and once you arrive at Sao Tome, it’s a 30min flight to Principe. It is the same time zone as the UK, so once you return, you’ll still have that refreshed and relaxed feeling that you often leave behind.


November – April – Turtle laying and hatching

June – August – Whale watching

March – April and August – Octocber – Orchids in bloom

Suggested Itinerary

We recommend combining both islands on your visit, beginning with three nights on Sao Tome and then four/five nights on Principe.


Omali – Sao Tome

On Legarto Beach

30 rooms


Bom Bom – Principe

19 bungalows surrounded by rainforest

Both hotels have an ethos of responsible tourism, conservation and education,


For more information, please get in touch.

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