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Five Places Not To Miss In The Philippines

Five Places Not to Miss in The Philippines

The Philippines consists of over 7000 islands and offers an abundance of natural attractions and activities.  With so much choice and as time is often a limitation; we’ve spoken to the locals to get their top recommendations to help you get the best out of your visit.

Villa Escudero Plantations Resort

Locals flock to the Waterfall restaurant in this plantation resort. Wade to your table and sample the delicious food and a jovial atmosphere all with the majestic waterfall as the backdrop. After lunch, you can try paddling on a bamboo raft on the lake or for something less strenuous, sit back and enjoy a trip in a jeepney and watch local life go by.

The Philippines - Escudero Plantation

100 Islands National Park

The gem of the Philippines, the 100 islands are scattered across 6.5 square miles, each with white sand beaches, warm turquoise sea and stunning flora and fauna. Take a day trip and hop between islands or spend a few nights there to take part in the treks, snorkelling and the incredible sunsets and sunrises.

The Philippines - 100 Islands


In the north of Luzon Island is the city of Baguio.  High up in the mountains, it’s the place people go to escape the summer heat from lower grounds.  With such fertile lands agriculture is one of the main industries and strawberry picking is a favourite pastime with the locals.   With craft and food markets, beautiful walks through lush forests, Baguio is a vibrant and characterful city worth a visit.

The Philippines - Baguio

Taal volcano

Visiting an active volcano is a real experience and if you are in Baguio you should head straight onto Taal, the second biggest active volcano in the Philippines.  Even though the surrounding area has become built up in recent years, you feel a million miles away when trekking passed steam vents with a sulphuric aroma and once you reach the summit, the view is breathtaking, well worth the climb!

The Philippines - Taal Volcano

Puerto Princesa Underground River

This incredible phenomenon became one of the seven natural wonders of the world in 1999 and for good reason.  The river spans 8.2km underground and visitors can take a boat and view the minerals, crystal and rock formations.  Puerto Princesa is also home to diverse wildlife, extensive caves and white beaches, all of which you can also take full advantage of.

The Philippines - Puerto Princesa

The Chocolate Hills

These amazing geological formations really sum up the vibrant and quirkiness of the natural attractions in the Philippines.  Over 50km square feet, these mounds stoically roll on and are mysteriously therapeutic to sit back and admire.  During the dry months, the grass goes brown and looks like a box of your favourite chocolates.

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