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Such a vast country covering such a wide range of longitudes and latitudes, that it really is an all year round destination


West Coast GMT -8hrs and East Coast GMT -5hrs (there are times of the year when these change as the Spring and Autumn clock changes in the UK and US don’t totally coincide)


Daily direct flights from London Heathrow to JFK, 7hrs 30mins

USA MapThe USA is a very popular destination and flights from the UK, and across the world, are frequent and leave at all times of the day and night.  The extensive domestic flight network means that you’ll fly to major US hubs such as New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami etc, and then travel onwards from there.  Other than flying, other transport options include coaches, car hire and trains, especially for shorter distance.  Wherever you go, the food is plentiful and delicious, with lots of local specialities and choice, so sample everything from street vendors to sophisticated formal restaurants.  So, decide how long you have and what you want to focus, and then go, go, go!

Thanksgiving, the third Thursday in November, and the days either side of it are probably to be avoided unless you’re spending it with American family or friends as travel is a nightmare with so many people going home, and many businesses are closed.

East Coast USA

New York is an amazing city and is doable for a four or five day weekend.   Accommodation ranges from the very reasonable to off the scale.  December and Christmas are hugely popular.  During the UN’s annual General Assembly, which takes place mid September every year, hotel space can be hard to come by.  The weather in the winter can be quite extreme – the snowstorms in January, February (and even March!) can be quite severe to the extent that they can disrupt transportation and make life difficult.  You need to wrap up warm, with a hat, as the wind whips down the avenues.  

New York is a real walking city, so April and May are ideal times to go.  Central Park is turning green and is a lovely place to take a stroll, and have a drink.  Don’t miss walking the High Line, avoiding New York’s traffic, and end up at the new Whitney Museum.  When you get tired, take a trip on the Circle Line boat around Manhattan Island, a great way to admire the sky line.  June can get quite warm, while July and August are hot, sticky and steamy – and many of the locals leave town.  Just make sure your hotel room has air conditioning!  September and October can be lovely too, cooler, without the humidity and the chilly winter winds.

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Napa Valley

The Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon

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Yellowstone National Park

New York


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