May – September to walk the Inca Trail
February for carnivals
June equinox for Inca festivals


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Direct flights from London Gatwick to Lima three times a week, 12hrs 35mins

Peru MapLima, the coastal capital of Peru, offers visitors a wonderful choice of restaurants, ancient and modern museums and colourful markets, but little evidence of the true nature of the country.  The Gold Museum, a private collection left as a legacy to the country of a whole range of gold treasures, the Larco Herrera Museum, for pre-Colombian art and artefacts, and the Museo Mario Testino, opened in 2012 by the famous fashion photographer, are all highly recommended.   To the north of the city lies the first of many archaeological sites to be found, this, along with the 12,000BC Pikimachay Cave, Chachapoyas, the 15th Century town and, of course, Machu Picchu, mark Peru as an outstanding destination for anyone interested in extraordinary examples of past cultures and their ruins.

South from Lima lie the huge geometric patterns of the Nazca Lines, etched by a past civilisation into the surface of the desert and UNESCO world heritage site.  South again takes you to the Colca Canyon, plunging to twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, and the ‘white city’ of Arequipa, standing out starkly against the backdrop of the dramatic El Misti volcano.

In contrast, with rainforest covering over 60% of the country, Peru also provides excellent jungle experiences.  Reached via Iquitos in the north, or Puerto Maldonado in the south-east, you will find typical verdant jungle, alive with the sounds of buzzing insects, croaking frogs, and the raucous calls of monkeys and brightly coloured macaws.  The Manu Biosphere Reserve is the largest conservation area on Earth, and it will provide, with luck, a glimpse of black caiman, giant otter or elusive jaguar.

Top Reasons To Visit Peru

Machu Picchu


Trekking the Inca Trail

Rainforests and Wildlife

Lake Titicaca

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