September – April

Avoid the scorching months of June to August

Also bear in mind that Ramadan, which occurs at different times every year, is best to be avoided as many activities can be disrupted


GMT +4hrs


Flights direct from London to Muscat, 7hrs 15mins

Oman MapOman, or officially the Sultanate of Oman, has wide open dry river valleys, beautiful coastlines, evocative deserts, verdant oases, majestic mountains, and the wonderful port capital of Muscat.  Oman has a rich heritage and a fascinating culture, including a lot of Bedouin influences, and maintains many of its traditional charms without the fabulous and somewhat distorting wealth of much of the Arab world.

Muscat is a relatively laid back Arabian city, where tradition rubs along cheek by jowel with future optimism.  The Sultan has decreed that no new building can be more than seven storeys high (other than a few historic 20 storey buildings) so that the minarets can still tower over their neighbouring edifices.  The whitewashed buildings are perfectly framed by the Gulf of Oman and the wonderfully craggy mountains.  At the heart of Muscat is the impressive and huge Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, with its equally impressive hand-loomed rug that until recently was the largest in the world.  A rare mosque that is built to enable access to Westerners.  The private collection of historical jewellery, clothing and artefacts in the Bait al Zubair Museum is our favourite museum in Muscat, housed in a lovely traditional building.  Muscat boasts an opera house, and while the Omani operatic scene is still very nascent, book one of the regular tours to examine the exquisite craftsmanship up close.

Other than Muscat, Nizwa, Oman’s former capital city, is an ancient city situated on a main trading route.  Like every Omani province, Nizwa has its own lively livestock market every Friday, with people bringing their animals from far and wide.  The city has an imposing fort, with a huge cylindrical tower, that was constructed for the city’s protection.  Nizwa is a characterful place of itself, but is also the natural gateway to the historic sites of Bahla and Jabin.

Top Reasons To Visit Oman

Forts and Mountains

Desert Camping

Beautiful Coastline and Beaches



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