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March – May to see the blossom
September – November to see the colourful autumn leaves


GMT +9hrs


Direct flights from London Heathrow to Tokyo, 11hrs 40mins

Japan - Map

An extraordinarily fascinating country with a culture so very different from any other.   Japan is a nation that has long relished its four distinct seasons, which is reflected not only in the weather-related activities,  most famously, its cherry blossom season (a beautiful but also very busy time of year to visit), and wonderful autumn leaves, but also in the contents of most culinary dishes.

There is so much to see, that we recommend that you try and focus on certain aspects or regions.  Travelling around is very efficient and easy, whether you fly, take one of the famous, ultra-reliable, bullet trains (Shinkansen), or take a car – everything is within reach.  Immerse yourself in the culture, sample the food, enjoy the intricacies of tea ceremonies and the formality of Japanese manners and custom.

Tokyo is definitely worth at least a few days, it is worth getting up early to visit the vast Tsujiki Fish Market, check out the shopping, just people watch (you will see kimono-clad ladies delicately shuffling along with their “punked-up” daughters with blue hair and oversized coats), visiting the perfectly manicured gardens, and sampling the delicious food, raw fish, succulent melt in the mouth wagyu beef, crispy tempura, or shabu-shabu (hot pot in which you cook slices of meat).  If you’re timing is right, see some Sumo wrestling or an act or two of a Kabuki play.

Top Reasons To Visit Japan

Tsujiki Fish Market, Tokyo

Autumn Leaves

Tokyo at Night

Peaceful Gardens

Lake Ashi

Kiyomizu Dera Shrine

Spring Blossom



The Bullet Train

The Golden Temple, Kyoto

Travel Ideas For Japan

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