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Italy really does have it all.  Wonderful coastlines, stunning inland lakes, majestic mountains with great skiing, unique destinations, such as Venice, beautiful islands, amazing cities and delicious food and wine.  The country offers so may different travel options it’s difficult to know where to start.  Each region has a different feel, with its own wine and food specialities.

The options are almost endless.  Spend a week in Sicily, travelling across this lovely island, with its rich history of Doric-style Greek temples in the Valley of the Temples and Byzantine mosaics, its diverse natural heritage with mountains and hills, and of course, Mount Etna volcano, its crystal clear coastal waters and incredible azure seas.  Then head to the mainland and work your way north.  The beautiful Amalfi coast with its imposing rocks and cliffs with flower-clad hotels seemingly clinging on, providing stunning views over the Mediterranean.

Pompeii with all its history is worth a diversion.  It really is the town that stood still when the nearby Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted in 79AD and buried the town in lava.  One of Italy’s 51 UNESCO World Heritage sites and tells the fascinating story of a bygone time.

Nearby you’ll find the wonderful city of Naples, nestled in the beautiful Bay of Naples also in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.  Known for its fiery people, wonderful food, history and art – a heady cocktail with plenty of energy and joie de vivre.  From here you can take boats to sophisticated Capri Island for some great hotels and peace and relaxation.

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Lemon Groves of Sicily

Hotel Palazzo Avino


Lake Como


The Dolomites


Amalfi Coast

Hilltop Towns

Opera in Verona

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