A year around destination for different parts of Brazil
May – August for The Pantanal
February – March for the Rio de Janeiro, the world’s largest carnival and the Salvador festival


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Direct flights from London Heathrow to Rio de Janerio, 11hrs 40mins

Brazil MapWithout doubt, Brazil is exhilarating.  Rio de Janeiro is obviously a focal point with its carnival and buzzing city life, but add the samba, teeming Amazon rainforest, breathtaking beaches and mix of cultures, is just a small selection of everything that is on offer.

Rio is the ideal starting point, but it’s not just about a vibrant city.  A view down from the feet of the iconic statue of Christ atop Corcovado, out across the city to the most famous beaches on earth – Copacabana and Ipanema – proves it is also physically beautiful.  The capital, however, is actually purpose-built Brasilia, miles inland and fascinating simply on the basis of the urban ambition and the 1950s architecture it represents – its Cathedral is stunning.

Away from the modern skylines of Brazil, many towns have seen little change in centuries.  Olinda, in north-east Brazil, with its beautiful colonial architecture, is the cultural centre of the country.  Similarly, the towns of the Minas Gerais region (west of Rio), founded on the wealth of the 18th Century gold and diamond booms, are full of lavish mansions, churches and sculptures by the revered Aleijadinho.  One colonial gem is Parati, a tiny fishing village in the Costa Verde, south of Rio, where wonderful colonial buildings contrast with the jungle clad slopes behind.

The teeming Amazon Basin in the north is a must for visitors.  From Manaus take a river journey into the jungle; a world of dense vegetation, disembodied sounds and strange and interesting smells, that assaults all your senses.  Although much of the wildlife remains obscured by foliage, the Amazon is a thrilling and mysterious experience.

It is considerably easier to spot wildlife in the open spaces of the Pantanal in the central-west of Brazil, one of the world’s great wildlife reserves.  The vast area of seasonal swampland is home to a plethora of birds and wildlife including crocodiles, anteaters, wolves, armadillos and jaguars.  Opportunities abound depending on your interest and the time of year.

Top Reasons To Visit Brazil

The Pantanal Wetlands

The Amazon River

Picturesque Towns and Cities


Beautiful Beaches

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