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Broomwood In Ethiopia

Broomwood in Ethiopia

Broomwood Hall School, Wandsworth recently opened a new school for the vulnerable and orphaned in Ethiopia.  St. George’s is a mammoth project that was financed by contributions from within Broomwood School and by other outside sources as well as the plot of land donated by the Ethiopian Government.

The aim is to provide quality education to underprivileged children in Azezo, Ethiopia. Ranging for all years, St. George’s gives children the skills and opportunities that will help them have a successful future.

The children are often orphans or who have parents who struggle to make ends meet. The school provides uniforms and all equipment that is required. St. George’s has become a beacon of education that has helped not only the children but also the local adults providing training, employment and bringing prosperity to the area.

Like all inspirational projects, they rely on donations to continue and develop their work. To find out more please visit:


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